Saturday, 12 May 2012

Game 7 Again. This Is It!

Am focused for game 7 so sik aha )))))))
Washington's win in Wednesday night's game 6 confirmed that, for the second round in a row, the Caps are having a full seven game series. Tonight's result will mean knocking out the Rangers three times in four years. How awesome would that be?

Anyway, onto tonight's game. it's fair to say that the Holtbeast had a distraction yesterday, as his fiancée gave birth to his son, Benjamin Hunter Holtby. But the question is, where did this middle name come from? As Ana from RMNB pointed out, Hunter is Holtby's mother's maiden name as well as obviously Dale Hunters surname. Either's feasible... but I digress.

As you know, the Caps have played the Rangers and won the series two times in the last three years. Here are the goals that clinched the series. 2009: Seregi Federov. 2011: Jason Chimera. 2012:?

Here are the keys to advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals tonight:

- Holtby. He has to stay on top of his game, like he has been all through the playoffs and not let his new baby distract him. I'm aware this sounds terrible, but it's fine, because it's the Cup.
- Ovechkin needs to play like the Ovechkin of old and tear around scoring goals. That'd be nice.
- Semin needs to be Good Sasha tonight. Now, more than ever. Save the slashes for the Oilers in the regular season. Keep up the good two way play.
- Wideman has to play like he did in the regular season, and we can shut down the powerful offense.
- Lundqvist has a GAA of 2.00 at the MSG this series. If we can get three past him, that could well be the key to victory as the Rangers struggle to get three goals in regulation.
- We need veteran leadership from guys like Hammer, Knoobs and Halpern now more than ever.

Let's show those 'experts' who predicted the Caps to get swept by the Bruins how wrong they are now. Round one wasn't a fluke, and we're taking this to the Conference Finals.

I'm staying up to watch the game, so me and Will will live tweet this one, ask us anything, give us your insight and correct us!

Let's Go Caps!!!!!!!!

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