Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Game 6: Happy Days or Jumping the Shark?

The Caps are coming home to DC tomorrow to fight for their collective playoff lives, and because of that I'll be even more of a nervous wreck tomorrow at 7:30 than I would have been if the Caps had won last night.  Here's what needs to happen:
  1. Caps NEED to win.
  2. Scratch Wideman, or at the very least he and Schultz need to agree it's time to start seeing other defensemen.
  3. See number 1.
Number two isn't going to happen because for some unknown reason Wideman, or D-Dub as I imagine coach refers to him, is Hunter's boy, but I would love to see some changes in the line-up--if only to shake things up a bit (#FreeHalpern, #FreeErskine).  So, let's look at what needs to happen in order to accomplish our first bullet point.  I know this is groundbreaking analysis (#sarcasm), but expect both teams to come out strong in the first.  If Washington can score from an early push then I'll be drinking to celebrate, but if the Rangers get lucky in the first period I'll be drinking to forget.

Besides, we just can't lose to a team whose head coach looks like Author Fonzarelli.

As Mike Knuble said in the first round, this series, and this post-season in general, is overdue for a blowout by the Caps.  I have faith that they can make that happen tomorrow, mostly because the Rangers have already jinxed themselves, but also because the sports gods have tested us with an extremely long over-time loss and a 6.6-seconds-remaining-kick to the crotch--it's time for somethings to start going our way.  If there is any sense of justice at all in the world, things will go our way tomorrow

And, if the above words did nothing to inspire hope that we can win tomorrow, and ultimately take the series, this should sufficiently finish getting you pumped.

This will not be the last shameless plug that I make for my beard, because the Caps still have two more rounds to play.  Every time someone pledges me, Alex Semin sheds a single tear of joy.  Thanks for any support and C-A-P-S!  CAPS!  CAPS!  CAPS!


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