Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Caps From an Hour South Down 95

I suppose I'm a little late to the new contributors bandwagon, but I guess its better to be late than never at all.  First lets get the introductions out the the way.  I'm Tim, twenty-one years of age, entering my junior year at VCU, and I am a complete homer for D.C. sports teams.  I love the Nats, and I'll be all in on the Wizards and the Redskins if they ever become good--I am the definition of a bandwagon fan when it comes to those sports.  However, the Caps have always been my first love.  I've been with this team through good times and bad times.

Don't expect to see my posts bogged down with a lot of facts and statistics.  I'll leave most of the post-game analysis to my colleagues.  What you can expect from me are pop-culture and television references, constant references to Jay Beagle having a breed of dog for his last name (#woof), and a blinding prejudice toward Jeff Schultz.

I look forward to writing more posts, and hope that you enjoy them.




  1. Tim, Jeff Schultz scares the cr*p out of me every time he's on the ice. For that matter, so does Green and Wideman. But, I love that you love him.

    You can find my thoughts on Ovechkin's ice time controversy here

    Go Caps!

    1. Don't worry there will be plenty of Jeff Schultz hatred from me, and thanks for the input Clint!


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