Sunday, 13 May 2012

Caps Lose, Season Ends Too Early

Last night in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi finals, the unthinkable happened. Our Washington Capitals were knocked out of the playoffs for Lord Stanley's Silverware. We lost 2-1, and did not play as well as we could have done, by a long shot.
Watching from a dodgy internet stream at 1 AM, I was devastated when Brad Richards snatched a goal just over a minute in. My fit of rage woke up my two border collies, who proceeded to bark for ages and ages. I wasn't too popular with my family. The official season ending goal for the Capitals was scored ten minutes into the third by Del Zotto, and although Hammer replied seconds later with his first goal of the playoffs, it was too little, too late as the Caps could not muster the offense to get a tying goal.
I know it's really difficult to look at positives right now, but by taking this series to seven games, we officially did the 5th best this season, as once we were knocked out, only 4 teams remained. We'll have two first round picks, no.11 and no.25.
But I'll be honest here, this is what I feel like, and I'm sure it's what you feel like right now (unless you're a Rangers fan - if you are, why are you here?):
I know it's tough, Junior, but we'll pull through. Thanks for reading this post, it must be really depressing, but that's just hockey, you know.

We'll keep you going through the offseason with general Anglo-American satire, 'Cam's Cool Lists' (wait and see!), draft/free agency coverage, et cetera.

Let's Go Caps. The cup's coming to DC in 2013, I feel it.

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