Tuesday, 1 May 2012

An Aspiring NHL Journalist and Huge Caps Fan

I just saw a post from one of my new blogging "teammates" introducing himself on here and I thought I would do the same! My name is William Hirsch and I am 20 years old. I am currently finishing up my Sophomore year of college at West Virginia University {GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!! :)}. I am majoring in Television Broadcast Journalism and Minoring in History. I currently work at West Virginia University's college radio station (called u92, on the web at u92.wvu.edu) as a sportscaster and the Assistant Men's Basketball Producer. I also do my part in broadcasting the Men's Ice Hockey, Women's Basketball, and Baseball games. I am having the time of my life taking part in these sports journalism activities at WVU with some great people who I hope to join in the professional Sports Journalism World!!!! When I return home to my hometown in Maryland this summer (right outside Washington D.C.) I will be starting my internship at NBC 4 in Washington D.C. in their Sports Department! I absolutely love talking hockey and I would love to bring my hockey knowledge to those that want to learn the game from me! My Caps and hockey background: I was born in Washington D.C. and am from Chevy Chase, Md. I started playing the game of hockey the exact same day Wayne Gretzky retired from the NHL but I have always had a strong passion for the Washington Capitals since a very early age. I have seen the best of the Caps when they made the Stanley Cup Finals in 1997-1998 and when they were the laughing stock of the NHL. I have played hockey at the travel and high school levels. I had dreams of playing in college but during my senior year of high school I broke two vertebrae's in my spine and ceased playing the game for health reasons and to try and make it as a NHL analyst. I dream of being the next Rick Jennerette in NHL play-by-play or taking Mike Milbury's sport on the NHL on NBC!!!! Well ladies and gentlemen and fellow Caps fans, that is my life story thus far but I hope I make a difference in the knowledge you posses about the Caps!!! Follow me on twitter (@capsfanatic_wvu) to interact with me and for what I like to think is good Capitals coverage and analysis!!! Much Love, Will Hirsch

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