Saturday, 5 May 2012

Exhausting Loss In Game 3 Turns to Must Win Game 4

The overly exhausting 114+ minutes that was played in game 3 and turned into a Capitals 2-1 loss, has turned game 4 into an absolute must win game for the Washington Capitals. Why is it a must win game so early on? The Caps lost the 1st home game of the 2 very important home games they have in this stretch of the 7 game series. The Caps lost Wednesday nights game 3 (Wednesday night in the US that is) in the 4th longest game in team history. If they lose both games and go into a devastating 3-1 hole in the series to the #1 seeded New York Rangers going back to Madison Square Garden in front of the Rangers' raukus fans, it will not look pretty for our beloved team! 

If the Caps go into the 3rd period of today's game 4 losing, expect the team to be taking lots of chances of getting back into the game to tie it up. Their 3rd period play will be risky but the Caps will know that this is a must win game and if they are losing, they will have to play with every last bit of will to win that they have to pull out a big win today. If the Caps go into the 3rd period with a lead I would expect them to not take any chances, have barely any offensive firepower and sit back on the lead. We have seen this many times and it backfires a lot. If its tied going into the 3rd period then both teams will not be taking chances and their nerves will be very high. I'd expect game 4 to enter overtime if the game is tied going into the 3rd period baring any goaltender meltdown.

Enjoy the game!


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