Friday, 30 September 2011

Pre Season Re-Cap

Hey, I'm back, as promised.

So with seven pre-season games on the schedule, and five played, the record stands at 1-3-1. Look, I am totally aware that preseason games are for experimenting with different lineups, but this record isn't exactly promising or exciting on paper. Not exactly cup winning. However, I have been impressed by a few caps so far:

Mathieu Perreault, MP 85, whatever you call him, has been very effective so far, scoring several goals and generally making a good impact on the ice, look for him to appear for the Caps much more this season. IS he the second line center we desperately need yet? No. But give him a couple of years and I think he can progress to just that - I feel he is a late developer, if he hasn't already proved this. I mean, he is regularly playing in the NHL at the age of 23 when he was taken late in the sixth round!

Cody Eakin

Cody Eakin is just 20 years old, and the WHL star seems like he will make his NHL break (NOT breakout) this season with the Caps, most likely on the third line, he will still get a lot of experience from this in my view. I predict a 10-15 goal year for him, maybe 30-40 points.

So far, a lot of the regular Caps have not impressed me, but a lot of the younger ones have, which I guess is a positive sign in a way. But the fact is, the salary cap scare this summer proves that the Caps cup window is starting to close, this year is very important if we want to capture our first Stanley Cup.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Welcome to Caps From Across The Pond!

Hey there, glad you stumbled into this blog.

My name is Cam and I am 16 years old. I live in London, in the UK and four years ago I discovered the amazing sport known as ice hockey. When I first saw it I loved the speed, skill and physicality of this game. I soon laced 'em up myself and am currently playing for Milton Keynes Storm Under 18 Squad - I'm a winger.

Now, onto the focus of this blog. I discovered the NHL and chose to support the Washington Capitals as I lived in the DC area as a small child. Since then I have followed them like crazy. I'm unable to talk to many caps fans over here, so this is why I made this blog!

Please stay tuned, and look forward to more updates!