Friday, 13 April 2012

The Hiatus Is Over!

I'm back everyone. My season's over, our team didn't make the playoffs this year, but at least the Caps have.
So, the Caps.... Having got the 7th seed in the East, they picked up a difficult draw against defending champions Boston. In my humble opinion, we should have tanked it and got 8th seed - we've got the Rangers'  number and have beaten them in the playoffs multiple times in the last few years.
So with Vokoun and Neuvirth both injured, we're relying on this guy for now....
Braden Holtby. The guy's been solid down in Hershey for most of the season and has several NHL starts to his name, but not a second of playoff experience until last night

To be honest, he did spectacularly well, stopping 29 of 30 shots, finally conceding to Chris Kelly quickly in overtime. The reason why the Caps lost was their pathetic offence in the first two periods, although this picked up in the 3rd, this needs to be addressed urgently.

Game 2 is so important. In my view, if the Caps lose, then the series is done. They'd have to win four games our of five, which is not impossible, but very unlikely nonetheless. if they win, then they have the advantage. The series would be tied with the Caps having the majority of the home games - and the Caps have been far better at home than on the road this season.

 By the way, if you're new to this blog, I'm a 16 year old British Caps fan. I've been doing blogs for a while, but I took a break a few months ago to focus on my schoolwork, but I'm back for good now.

Let's go Caps!

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