Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bruins Beat Caps 4-3, It's Not The End Of The World (Yet)

Boston now lead the series 2-1, and both teams now have (assuming the series goes to seven) two home games. So what went wrong? Well, the Caps had offense... if you told anyone before this game that a team would score three goals, it would be very likely they'd say that team would have won. The Caps took more shots than the Bruins as well, 32-29. Ovi had six shots, more than the last two games combined, and got himself a goal as well - Sasha also notched a powerplay goal, and Laich got  goal too.

Holtby was decent, but nothing special. He stopped 25 of 29 shots, for a save percentage of .862. Nothing compared to his .977 in Game 2, so obviously this was a factor in the loss. To his credit, the GWG was a tough deflection but it lost us the game and it didn't look impossible to save. The question is, why was Chara given so much free space with his slapshot? Defensive lapse. Had the goal not gone in, this could have been a much more positive post. Besides, it was offside. Here's photographic proof: image credit  

What could be more worrying is Nick Backstrom. He received a match penalty for completely pointless crosscheck at the end of the game on Peverley. Does he deserve to get Shanabanned? Video below:

As the title says, this result is not the end of world. Yet. The Caps can still snatch this in six if everything goes according to plan, but for the rest of the series, they can only lose one game. That's one game out of four to still have a shot at winning. Game 4 is a must, because can you honestly see the Caps winning three in a row in this series? This is why Thursday's game is so important.

And now for something unrelated:

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