Monday, 30 April 2012

Caps from across the..... desert?

Hello fellow caps fans, My name is Ford K. and I'll be contributing to this blog fairly often, thought I might introduce myself.  First even though I live and grew up in Las Vegas, my family decided it would be nice to stick all of the DC sports baggage on me as a little kid, despite growing up 4000 miles from the DMV.  So I'm just as tortured by Joffrey Lupul's OT winner and Carlos Rogers' dropped interceptions as the rest of you; even if I think IN&OUT kicks five guys ass.  
If you read this blog you're used to a unique perspective on the Washington Capitals from about as far from the Verizon Center as you could possibly be.  Well from me it will still be from really far away... just in the opposite direction-- Also a little angrier because I get to legally lose money on the Caps, as well as be emotionally crippled by them.  

oh ps I think GMGM is a moron for not trading Vokoun at the deadline. 

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