Saturday, 14 April 2012

Boston Bruins Game 2 Preview: The Most Important Game Ever

I've mentioned it before, game 2 is often where the series is won or lost. A win today would mean a real advantage in the series, effectively turning it into a 5 game series with a Caps home advantage.

But what do we need to win? First of all, the offense actually needs to be, you know, an offense. Seventeen shots is not good enough in the playoffs, especially against a strong goalie like Tim Thomas. That being said, Braden Holtby was on fire in Game 1, and if he can continue with this our offense can get away with being mediocre at best - it's one thing to build a team from the goalie out (Holtby had a .967 save percentage),  but we need some offense to go with it. Not mentioning any names... Ovi.

                                                     We've got to see this more often!

Something for the Caps to build on from game 1 was physicality. Despite being out hit 40-29, the Caps were able to keep this guy at bay (for the most part)

  The Caps didn't let the Bruins bully them around, and having been at TD Garden myself (I saw an incredible Bruins-Habs game there back in November) it's easier said than done. They play tough, and the crowd is brutal to the road team.

So to win.....
                      - Holtby must keep up his performance from game 1
                      - Ovi needs to keep playing physical and crash the net
                      - The Caps need to take shots from the close range - this is Thomas' weak spot.
                      - The home crowd must be silenced with an early goal
                      - Chances must be taken - there were too many near misses in game 1.

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