Saturday, 5 November 2011

I'm back home!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting, but it would have been difficult to take my laptop with me. But I had an awesome time in your great continent. I saw 2 NHL games, firstly I saw Montreal-Florida, and then Montreal-Boston. It was unbelievable, I've never seen such an amazing standard of hockey - I hope I can see the Caps some day.
So on to the Caps. I'm writing this at 11:30 PM and watching the Caps-Islanders game. Caps are up 1-0 right now.  If the Caps hold on to this lead, they will go 10-2-0 this season. That's twenty points already - if they continue this record, they will finish with sixty-eight wins. Sixty-eight. That's 136 points. Something tells me that the Caps might just make the playoffs this season.
But the fact is, the Caps, are almost 25% of the way to a play-off spot now anyway, and more like 20% to winning the conference. Highlights include the 7-1 win against Detroit and the thrilling 5-4 OT win over Anaheim.  the two games the Caps lost came against Vancouver and Edmonton were winnable - but you can't have everything.
But what of the Great 8? Well, Ovi is tied for first on the Caps and 22nd in the NHL with 5 goals. He also has 7 assists, at 31st in the NHL, and his 12 points are good for 25th in the NHL. These numbers are reasonable, but not Oviesque. He needs to get some goals in to justify his contract and reputation as possibly the best player in the world.

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