Monday, 11 March 2013

The British Invasion!

One of the most common questions I get about supporting the Caps is how I follow the team from so far away. Well, on April 4th I can answer all of your questions. In person. At the Verizon Center. It was foretold in my interview with Puckbuddys, here, and I am pleased to say it is all going ahead!

Yes, that's right, I will be attending my first ever Caps game! Safe to say, upon finding out (in front of hundred people), I reacted like a Justin Bieber fan, almost breaking down in tears in excitement  Having seen NHL games in person twice (Boston-Montreal at TD Garden and Montreal-Florida at the Bell Center), I can't wait to see the Caps face off against the New York Islanders!

I'll be on a school trip, but I have permission to host a meetup before the puck drops. More details will be made available on twitter closer to the time, but the meetup will be inside the arena. You can ask me anything about the website, my life, my hockey career, the Caps... - anything at all! I'll have lots of questions for the vets at The Phonebooth!

Caps fans, show us Brits all you've got! Rock the Red, Unleash the Fury and chant "Isles suck!"

See you there!